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Valentine Sequeira

Words alone can't describe the vacuum nor the feeling one experiences losing a friend like you. God works in mysterious ways and this one has stunned us. From random party scenes, fun times at office and our trip to Goa, you will always bring forth cherished memories.  Death ends a life, not a relationship. You will continue to live in our hearts forever. We will now see you through Armeen. You will always be missed. Wish you peace wherever you are. Love u Sam !!

Abinash Das

Wish I could have met you once. Wish I could have spoken to you once my dear 

friend. You...our little Ms. have left a void in all our lives. Never thought I'd 

have to write this message for you Sammy. God gave me a wonderful friend in you. You will 

stay forever in my memory and prayers. You will be terribly missed by all of us. May your soul 

rest in peace dear...

Zaheer Bagasrawala

As you continue your journey towards the gates of heaven I ask the almighty to forgive all your sins and be a guiding light to Armeen and your family and always look after them from above .. Thanks for being a good friend u will be missed by all .. RIP muaah ! God Bless

Sonia Chowdhury

I only have such fond memories of us together Sameera - I remember your laugh, days & nights in college together, our fun trips to Pune/Goa, hysterical giggles, night outs, boys, kit kat chunky, biriyani at your place, you as a beautiful bride. You will always have a special place in my heart & I'll miss you forever. <3

Harshad Waigankar

You will stay in our hearts forever as a warrior who took all the battles and challenges head 

on...... Sameera Changi you are now the angel for Armeen and her everlasting guiding force.

Shruti Upadhaya

One of the most beautifully resilient girls I have ever known! You were always a star Sameera, time for you to truly come into your own :) Having said that, you will be profoundly missed by us lesser mortals! love and light, always.

Mayur Milan

Before there was Viman Nagar or Lavale, before there was anyone from batch of 2009, before even SIMC happened, there was Sandeep and you, Sameera. And you shall for ever stay that special grumpy who cheered the world!

Amina Mohsin

...our stunning brave Sam is exemplary of her fighting spirit....she never gave up till Allaha wanted her with HIM. Let's remember her with a smile....because our tears will make her sad.....and we want her to be at peace in jannatul in peace beti Sam....missing you is now a part of our life.

Mustufa Jawadwala

Its too late but I wish my words reach you and if there is life beyond, maybe they will. I regret 

not staying in touch with you over the years. I regret not having such a wonderful friend that I

could have. I always thought there was enough time in the future to make amends (don't we 

all!). I regret on being so wrong. I realize how short life can be and wish I could go back. God 

bless your soul Sameera and give everyone the courage to fill the void you have left behind, 

especially your daughter. Will always treasure our memories.

Arshad Tayebaly

...could not meet her much on account of boundary constraints ... But have always felt her love as she gave me a new name of "Chachu"... She would always keep in touch on FB and I could see that her life revolved exclusively around her husband and daughter ..Her smile was the most awesome smile that I've seen and it's so strange that I've been thinking about her only after she has left us .. I wish I had the good fortune of spending more time with her 

Alankrita Narula Deshwal

What a beautiful soul she was.. someone with one of the prettiest smiles I've ever seen.. we had lost touch after sophia but thanks to facebook, I got to see another side of Sameera. Sameera, the mum, who was crazy, madly and deeply in love with this little person who had filled her life.. :) your mum was a rockstar Armeen.. your guardian angel for life... you've given her the most cherished times and I pray that someday this little reflection of Sameera grows up to be just like her. God bless!

Nausheen Arshad Merchant

Sameera, ull b that shining star up in the sky like u always were....ull b terribly missed

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