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Duhita Save - 12 Year Old Fighter!


Our first such story is that of 12 year old Duhita Save. Duhita Save will always be remembered for the joy, laughter and happiness she spread to the lives of all those who knew her. She was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 5. It is very rare to find an indomitable spirit like hers. Her doting parents, Nandini and Nitin Save, have pledged to make a difference to the lives of young patients affected by cancer, by providing basic education to them at the Tata Memorial Hospital. Their initiative, Duhita Foundation, works tirelessly to make Duhita’s wish come true – that no child affected by the disease should miss out on the opportunity to educate themselves. Below is an essay written by Duhita back in the year 2013 for the Hindustan Times Scholarship Program, which she went on to win. She succumbed to her disease a few months later.










In this world all the children definitely want to make a wish. If I was allowed to make a wish which could come true, I would definitely wish that in this world no child or for that matter anyone, should get the disease Cancer. I myself am a cancer survivor.

In 2008, when I was in First standard I was detected with Cancer. It was a big shock for my parents. When I was in Senior K.G my bones used to pain a lot. So we went to Hinduja Hospital. There we were informed that I was detected with the disease cancer. From that day, my parents and my unhappy days started. We were told to go to Tata Memorial Hospital. There my treatment started.This treatment is very painful. It lasts for almost two years. During the treatment, the first nine months I had to undergo Chemotherapy and then radiation. The radiation and chemotherapy are very painful with their side effects. Especially for girls, facing the world without your hair is very challenging.


During the treatment, I found many children and adults suffering from the disease. When I used to see them in pain I felt very bad for them. I have even seen new born babies in immense pain. They have to take so many injections and medicines to get rid of this disease.


If I was allowed to make a wish that could come true, I would wish that when I grow up I would become an 'Oncologist' so that I can cure the disease and along with that I would invent a vaccine which would eradicate Cancer completely...........And I am sure that everybody would join me in praying that my wish comes true...

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