Memories With A Bowlful of Maggi

Dear Armeen,

Your mom and I studied together for two years, lived together for a year, partied together for three years and enjoyed great conversations every now and then ever since.To pen down a few words that can do justice to her life is difficult, to say the least. However, my attempt here is purely to share with you how special & unique your mom has always been to everyone she ever met, including me.

In all this time that I knew her there was always something that marked Sam apart. If the whole world responded in Yes & No, or I agree & I disagree, Sam always had a line to separate her response. Her perspective in life, towards people, towards events, towards thought processes, towards situations and towards LIFE as we know it was always something that i admired about her. She loved being different & was proud enough to flaunt it with a confidence and panache that no one missed. She was a girl like no other, which is why she was loved, envied, adored and pampered by many.

As room mates, we shared many moments & conversations over her favorite foods & drinks. One on top of that chart would be "Maggi with butter". I distinctly remember her boasting of her cooking skills claiming that she bought out the best in "Maggi" with her touch. Call it confidence or just being Sam, she lit up the room & quite literally so. Being a new campus we had to spend plenty of days without electricity & water. On one such day I was feeling down & homesick since i was away on my little sisters birthday, when she told me she kew excatly how that feels. So your MOMMY DEAR decided to cheer me up with her special maggi, her version of what she claims was a cake & a laptop party with torch & mobile disco lights. This girl knew how to make the best of everything she had. Thats not all, she actually made maggi on a pan with several candles lit up below it, making a 2 minute recipe a 20 minute one while she sang " Bitter sweet symphony". She was a riot! to say the least.

She would be excited about her chat dates with your Daddy. She'd get all dolled up, position her camera and say he's got to see my good side ;) and quickly add a line improvising and saying my best side actually coz all my sides are good ;) She introduced me to your daddy in one of these chats as someone who had a very unique perspective to situations, she said he was a problem solver with a twist ;) In those very words, she described herself actually.

I could go on about several such little memories & I will from time to time.

But Armeen dear, like I said earlier, your Mom has always been unique in her ways of life. And in her passing she taught me a lot more than what life can while we still have it. I wish you all the joy darling & hope that some day I can sit & share the videos i have of your Mom in her element - smiling & spreading the smiles.

Sam, I miss you & will always cherish the memories we shared together.


Your Adduuuuuuuuuu Maasi

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