A Tribute To My Beloved Sammy

Dearest Amreen,

When you read this message you would want to know my relation with your mom... Lil angel we have yet to meet... Inshaallah. I am one of your nana and naani's friends. I have been living in Dubai since 12 years and so wasn't a part of your parents wedding or your birth my baby.

You will be delighted to know that I clearly remember meeting Sammy after my marriage, she was a lil baby in her moms hands. After that, as time passed, I have watched her grow - her school days , Sunday kitty's and birthday parties all. I have witnessed Sammy blossom into a most beautiful flower which has now adorned the garden of heaven..

My dearest Armeen, you will indeed be proud of your mom... She has left a mark on every soul she has touched. Blessed are you little angel who will always be her one and only daughter. Sammy will always be guiding you sweetheart and smile when she will see you as her soul on earth spreading her radiance.. We love you dearest Armeen.

Nisreen Aunty

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