Sameera - Of Mischief & Magic


What a beautiful name and so befitting for Sameera’s daughter – that’s the first thing I thought when she told Deepika and me about you being on your way on a group chat. Well, one of the first things I thought, because the first reactions were mostly on the lines of dramatic ‘awwwws’, ‘omigawds’ and squeals.

I met Sameera for the first time in the summer of 2007. It was a hot afternoon and this was the apartment we were to end up living in for the next one year. I had travelled across town in an auto rickshaw and was a proper mess by the time I reached – 30 mins late. That’s when I met Sam first – she’d been waiting for a long while but was completely unfrazzled.

My most distinct memory of Sameera is how angelic her face had looked that afternoon – its difficult to put it in words but her face was not only pretty, but had something so angelic, magical and pure about it that used to just shine through. No wonder she was the total head turner that she was – I bet Daddy would agree!

Sameera and I lived together for the first year of our masters degree – what a riot of a time that was. I was the wild one in the house , she was the one who had it together always. She was often why I made it to my 8 AM lectures.

Sameera rescued me a million times in that one year – from losing keys to beings stranded in Bombay, Sam came to my rescue more than a few times. She showed me Bombay – and very importantly Leopold’s and the golden fried prawns she loved there. She used to call me Football, even saved my name as that in her phone…I have a feeling shes laughing from up there watching me struggle all the same with my weight.

In the second year of our degree, we moved to the beautiful residential campus atop a hill in Pune – gorgeous surroundings and terrible food. This is where we lived when Sam met your Daddy first, and I met your Daddy first as well (Remember, Abi?)

Of course college was done soon, and we moved to different cities – and later to different parts of the world. Sam married your Daddy when I was making my first job switch and I remember not being able to make it to the wedding – one of my greatest regrets. But I’ll make up for it – I’ll attend yours :)

Sameera was so, so effortlessly pretty. She was pleasant and fun. But the thing I liked most about her – the thing I tried to imbibe from her - was how dignified she was. She was a lady. She was so perfectly behaved at absolutely all times – be it 6 in the morning if she had to get up to open the door for me, in moments of happiness, in anger or in sadness. Sam never lost her composure. And I hope and pray that you inherit every bit of this quality of Sam’s.

Lots of love,


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