Until We Meet Again...

Sameera Changi Presswala

My Best Friend, My Childhood Memory and now my biggest inspiration….

It took me a while to get myself together to write this blog. It was only when I dreamt about Sam two nights in a row, which was probably her way of saying “c’mon fats get onto it…IM WAITING!”(I can even imagine her tone) I got onto it as soon as possible.

Dear Armeen….

Where do I start…there’s so much to tell you… about almost 20 years of my life with Sam.

From a shy timid and quiet girl in school with a fountain ponytail…Sameera Changi grew up to be the complete opposite…Confident, smart, beautiful and in total control of her future.

She was remarkable in so many ways. As kids we were a group of six who sat for lunch everyday together. She used to love my mom’s food and would always complain to your nani about how she should learn to cook from her.

During every school trip we stayed together in the same room…our nights use to end with loud laughter’s and our favourite “Ghost Stories”.

Before every test or exam she always said “Fats I’m not prepared,” but always managed to do really well. While on the other hand, I would be the one that was truly never prepared.

Some of the things that are a few of my finest memories about her were….

Our spend overs had to have maggi with Butter….

She used to hold the steering wheel of a car with two fingers, I can’t imagine how much fun I’ve made of her with this (she’s probably laughing as I’m typing this right now)

Her addiction for a mint sweet called “POLO” she always carried it with her

She loved travelling by bus and taught me how to do the same (as much as I hated it)

During Ramzan on a big night, we would sneak out in the night to go and eat some yummy food which also included Zeeshan mamu and Nigar masi.

Her favourite place was “Bandra” she would love going there to hang out with her friends.

Her handwriting was something anyone would recognize “thin & tall” letters as I always put it.

Our favourite place to hangout use to be a place called IVY. She loved going there.

She was always so bubbly and full of life, her laughter being totally contagious. She was not only pretty from the outside, but from the inside too. From school till college and after, your mommy was always the pretty girl that boys fancied.

I still remember her emailing me a picture of your Daddy asking me what I thought of him. She said “I think he’s quite interesting”. A few days later they made it official.

The next thing I knew Sam had taken off on her next big journey with your dad. Our conversations got limited, but made sure we kept each other part of the important things in our lives.

Then you came along…she was really nervous when she found out she was pregnant. But as u toddled your way…she made you her biggest strength.

She enjoyed every moment that she spent with you…the little things that she did with you.

The last time I met her was when she came to Mumbai, I was pregnant at that time. She gave me a cover of money and said this is for your little one when he arrives. I remember telling her I’m not taking it, you give it to him yourself when you see him next.

But as fate may have it my dear Sam got diagnosed with Cancer. She knew she wouldn’t let it get to her. So she fought so courageously, she kept really silent through it all. It came as a shock when I found out what had come over her.

But till the end I didn’t ask her about her disease and what she was going through. May be it was the best thing - I didn’t want to remember her like that. One day she told me “Fats you can ask me what’s happened,” I said as long as I talk to you and I know you’re doing better, it doesn’t matter. I sent her voice notes which had my son babbling away that made her smile.

The morning that I got the news that my friend was not amongst us anymore, my heart sank, tears rolled down with me having no control over them. But suddenly a small smile lit up my face…I told her “SAM YOU WON”

Armeen, baby, you look just like your mommy…her mini version. She had beautiful eyes and a smile that would light up a room. When you grow up you will know that she was and will always be the biggest wonder of your life. May god bless you with everything your heart may desire.

I just relived 20 years of my life again….here’s remembering the crazy you Sam as you continue to shine on…until our next chapter together.


(Fatema Soni)

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