Our Laughing childhood

Sameera (with the stress on the second syllable: -mee-) is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “good friend”. This is the meaning of my sister's name. People who spent even a nano second with her would agree with me that not only could she be a good friend like her name suggests, but an honest, loving person that every one would want to cherish.

Armeen baby doll, when you grow up I'm sure you will just be like your mother and you will fill our hearts with your persence, just like you have been since the last 3.5 years. I am writing this so that when you grow up you know your mummy and mamu were best friends. Sam was my heart and the most beautiful in the family. MUMMY'S smile and eyes would kep the world staring at her.

Sam has now left us blank. Never thought this disastrous wave that has hit us would keep our relationship of brother - sister as a fairytale with the most difficult ending we could ever imagine. However, I would rather focus my memories on Sam's beautiful life and not the cruel battle that she fought in her last few days. Having said that, your mother was the winner (as always) there as well as she went on to shame the disease Cancer forever.

Our childhood holds some of our best memories as we played, cried, partyed together - but the best part sof it all was she was just like her Name to me " A Best Friend". Sam and I had an age difference of 6 months. She was the brightest in the family when it came to studies , while I was the brightest when it came to being naughty - but she always stood by to give me a medal there as well ( I guess she knew happiness is more important). Everytime I'd do something silly, she'd just smile and say "Chill, have fun Zee".

One childhood memory that Sam and family will never forget is the Jagvanirath ( this is an occassion when we Muslims pray throughout the night). There was a particular section of the prayer that we found really funny and we laughed our guts out and kept all the others (apparently engrossed in serious devotion to God at the time) laughing too. This laughter became a tradition during that night and continued every year for the next 20 years or so. (Sam I know you're still laughing your guts out reading this ;))

Our teens brought us a lot closer. At this point, we were bestest friends .... during this time Sam always kept a watch on me like an elder sister . If I was wrong she just smiled and said "Chill Zee!" If she was upset, we did not need to have a discussion but a hug solved it all. We knew between our relationship, it was just the unsaid word that we both understood. During our teens I still remember when I did not score the best grades, she smiled and said that its not the end of the world. When she laughed, it gave me courage to face the family . She always told me, "Zee, one day you will do great!" I dont know if I'm doing great, but with her encouragement and motivation, I can proudly say that I am today, raising my 4 year old daughter quite comfortably.

Now the twentys life got us busy with our new jobs. Sam soon moved to the USA with her hero Abizar. We shared the same joys as we graduated from responsible spouses to doting parents. Armeen and Almira were the new additions to our lives. Even though we were only a phone call away from each other, we decided to share our babies pictures and chat on Whatsapp. That is how we kept in touch and watched each others children grow over the last 5 years. With this I've learned that no matter how far or busy you are, with a little bit of effort, you can always keep your loved ones close to your heart.

When the news of Sam's illness reached us, the fairytale turned into a nightmare, the scariest roller coaster ride we could ever be on. The entire family was shouting out loud with our prayers to get our Sam back to good health. The last time I spoke to Sam she sounded as if nothing had happened and said, in typical Sam fashion, "I'm going to come to Bombay and we will party hard! Chill Zee!"

Now our prayers came to an end on 20 September, 2015. Sam's good bye news was told to us and, needless to say, it left us all broken. Sam, I know your going away will leave a deep hole in all our lives, but I also know you will always be close and remembered. I will hold you in my heart and cherish every memory that I have with you. You will always be in our hearts and minds, ready to listen and share, and give us whatever comfort or encouragement we might need . Sam, time has passed by but nothing has changed. You're still missed and always will be. I look up at the sky to the twinkling star thinking that maybe thats you up there and I am happy in the knowledge that you're looking down upon us as well.

Like I have repeatedly said, I love you my beautiful sister. Until we meet again.....

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