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The Super Hit Movie That Was Sameera's Life!

Sam’s life was just like a blockbuster movie. It had everything from comedy to an extraordinary romance, a little bit of drama and the saddest possible ending ever. But most importantly, Sam was a superstar. She gave an Oscar winning performance throughout - as a loving daughter, as a devoted wife, a nurturing mother, a faithful friend and finally, as our teacher.

Sam taught us the true meaning of courage. She shamed cancer and death with optimism and her resilience. She taught us how to be selfless and generous by putting others before herself even in her final days. She taught us how to live with dignity even whilst battling with death. Thank you Sam, your final lessons will never be forgotten.

A lot of people have long lives but very few have the opportunity to live forever. Sam has done just that. Her courage, her passion and her inspiring story will live in our hearts and memories forever.

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